Bringing a Computer Lab to EL Porvenir, Honduras!

El P & Honduras Child Alliance

Last fall, I volunteered for 3 months with Honduras Child Alliance in El Porvenir, Honduras. I fell in love with the people, their generosity to volunteers, the community, and Honduran culture (well, some aspects anyway). Read a little bit more about one of my experiences here. There is a pretty regular volunteer presence through Honduras Child Alliance, and they work with a good number of kids through the Porvenir English Project & VAP (Vacation Acitivites Program). They do a lot of english education, but I was imagining that it might be really nice to also have the benefits that a small computer lab might offer -- english lessons online, basic computer skills, access to members of their family who live & work in the U.S., and maybe eventually more advanced computer classes.

What will we need to do & consider?

A small team of us are planning on going down in December. We'll be setting up the lab, doing some short training sessions with members of the community, as well as doing some advertising of the lab for the community. We'll also do some training with the current long term volunteers of the Honduras Child Alliance organization. Below I've created a Wish List. Some items on the Wish List are material goods -- and if you have an extra, feel free to donate! Some items on the list are simply things that we'll need to do or will need funding for. Items that might need to be purchased (either here or in Honduras) are marked with a $ symbol. This area will serve as informational for both us & others who are interested in partnering with us to make this project a reality!

Wish List:

Surge Protectors
We're hoping to come up with around 4 of these. Definitely a necessity since the power isn't always stable.
Cable Locks
Hoping for around 8 to help prevent theft :)
A sad fact of any project is that it will take money! You may make a donation to me (if you don't need a receipt) or you may donate through the Honduras Child Alliance Website. Simply put the amount in Special Projects, and then include a note saying that it goes towards "Computer Lab" or "Belinda's Computer Lab" THANK YOU!!
Tables & Chairs ($)
We'll need a couple of tables and chairs for the computers. Likely to be bought in Honduras.
Metal Doors ($)
This will provide increased lab security for the computers. Who can we get to help install these? Where can we purchase them in Honduras?
Internet ($)
We're estimating this to cost $45 every month. It would be awesome if we can find something like 3 regular donors at $15/month
One donated, of questionable quality -- could use another!
Network Switch
We don't have a network switch yet.
Ethernet Cables
1 50 ft long cable left to find!
Additional "random" computer supplies
Still need: mousepads & cleaner mice & keyboards
Shipping Tape, Styrofoam packaging material, and/or Packing Peanuts
Anyone have these things?
This is a stretch wish -- but if you have a laptop to donate, it will be put to good use!
To Do List:

Write up Setup Materials in English & Spanish
In case a machine gets a virus or slows down significantly, we'll want to provide computer setup materials.
Create simple "Computer Use" Materials in English & Spanish
This might include rules for using the lab, how to treat computers, what to click on, what not to click on, and also computer terms. This could also include some introductory class materials that another volunteer could use for simple computer courses. Word Processing, Internet, Email, etc. Might be great for the adult class!
Decide where to put Computer Lab
Currently looking into a few options, but we'll need to know this to get internet set up.
Call Internet Company
find out how to set up internet!
Get Quote on Shipping everything!
Already Donated -- Thank you!!

We coule not have done this without the generosity of all of our donors! Thank you so much!

Kris Korpus & Computer Works Pro
4 Desktops, associated cables, 6 ethernet cables, some mice & keyboards, and 2 LCDs
Noah Fleming
1 LCD Monitor & lots of support at our Qdoba event!
Dan Wilson with
1 LCD Monitor
1 LCD Monitor
Dell Inspiron Laptop, Router, Cables
Adam Shepard, Shane Chang, Anonymous, Anonymous
Cash Donations
Cary, NC Home Depot
2 Rolls of Bubble Wrap and 5 boxes -- worth around $30!
Kramden Institute
Ability to purchase 2 VERY nice machines at a VERY discounted rate!
Support & Material Making!!
Katie Benedetto & Triangle Lifestyle Designers